Meet Window Seal

Company History


In 1974 Window Seal Aluminum was first introduced, as a fabricator of aluminum awnings and windows working out of 3,000 square feet.


In 1990 Window Seal sold off their interests in aluminum, and focused strictly on the fabrication of vinyl windows becoming one of the few pioneers. Progressive Profiles provides not only Window Seal but many other large and small manufactures with quality vinyl profile. Please note there are only a few manufactures that extrude their own vinyl material and manufacture with experience and quality.

In 1991 Window Seal moved operations to 13,000 square feet. Recognizing that having more control would increase the quality of our product, we began insulating our very own sealed units. A few years later Window Seal moved once again into 30,000 square feet. In the early 1990’s Window Seal realized that quality and pricing have been the key ingredients to our success. Window Seal realized to sustain our success we would need to take on greater risks. Understanding that quality vinyl material is very important, we invested time and money researching the best systems, techniques, and ingredients, committing ourselves totally to our product. Our goal would be to offer the best vinyl linear profile that would sustain weather and frame consistency.

After 6 years of researching and waiting for the right time Window Seal gave birth to Progressive Profiles an extruding company that would extrude vinyl linear profile exclusively for Window Seal. This giant leap forward would give Window Seal total control of our fabrication. We can truly say we are one of a handful of organizations that complete products from start to finish! Progressive Profiles has built its own reputation for quality and now provide other manufactures exceptional vinyl linear profiles.


Window Seal Shutters was introduced to window dealers and interior decorators in 2006. Window Seals success in extruding and manufacturing various designer products has been a direct result to new opportunities.


2020 take us even further into the future!

Since 2006, Window Seal has acquired various buildings adding an additional 200,000 square feet to our existing operating plant, to accommodate future growth!

Window Seal keeps introducing and striving for the best when it comes to manufacturing equipment. Our latest integrated welders, weld at 270 degrees vs 250 degrees giving us superior bonds when joining window corners. (with a stronger weld, Window Seal leads our competition!)

We are currently integrating new software to take us even further!

Proof we are committed to a quality product

Window Seal is truly an organization that has committed itself to extruding and manufacturing systems. We can truly say we deliver quality products from start to finish and can back it with our own Window Seal stamp of approval!!!

  • Window Seal is 100% Canadian company has been in business since 1974.

  • We extrude our own vinyl material, maintaining consistency and quality.

  • Have over 2 million windows installed.

  • Have our systems tested to ensure quality.

  • Have the latest technology ensuring energy efficient products.

  • Our partners consist of dealers and fabricators of all sizes.

  • All manufacturing is done at our facility.

  • In order to keep our costs down, we do not market with fancy material.

  • We have placed shutters and windows systems in homes around the world.

  • We invest in the latest technology in order to gain control of our quality.

  • Our equipment has reduced energy costs, adding to everyone’s bottom line. Proof we are committed to a quality product.