• 8000 Series 4 ½ Frame
  • 8000 Series 4 ½ Frame

8000 Series 4 ¼ Frame Fixed or Operational Casement

4 ¼ window system is a complete window with a ¾ pocket for jamb extension with extended nosing

Casement window has a large unobstructed view. Casement opens outward and provides easy access for cleaning

Weather Stripping:
Our coextruded bulb seal will insure all seals are secured and cut to precise measurements eliminating any room for gaps/air penetration between sash and frame, providing you a high energy efficient window by Window Seal.

Is an essential component to a window. Hardware systems have been designed for style, performance and durability to match our commitments to our finished products.

Multi -point locking system
Our tight window seal is design for security and energy efficiency, our multi-point locking system is our standard for excellence!

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Jamb extensions

Vinyl jamb extensions

Georgian grills

Georgian grills

Georgian grills

Pencil grills (1/4 x 5/16)


Colonial flat grills (1/4 x 5/16)


Prime wood jamb extensions


Drywall return



nosing nailing fin brick mould

Nosing, nailing fin brick mould


Stainless steel hardware


Custom colours

Insulating glass

Lower cooling bills when it’s hot outside and lower heating bills when it’s cold.

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