There are only a handful of extruders out there, with the experience we have

Twin screw extrusion lines are utilized throughout the production floor because of their speed and reliability. These extrusion lines maximize output and reduce the man hours required for changeover, adding to your bottom line. Few companies match our level of experience, and fewer companies have the history to prove it. Our commitment is not to costly marketing; in fact we have put millions of dollars into acquiring the best technology.

  • Extruders of vinyl

  • Stainless Steel Dies

  • Automated Calibrator

  • Powder compound

  • Manufacturing since early 1990

  • 6 years prior research

Enjoy this video and view the importance of vinyl extrusion

Vinyl Compounds

The key “ingredients” that make up the vinyl frame for a window can vary greatly among manufacturers. Each additive to a company’s vinyl “recipe” helps determine the long-term characteristics of the final product, its weather ability and resistance to impact. Poor vinyl material is susceptible to breaking or shattering.

Progressive Profiles uses a precise level of ultraviolet barriers to make sure your vinyl windows maintain its quality finish, and perform beautifully for a lifetime.


Windows Design

If you cut a vinyl window in half, you’ll notice that the frame is quite different than windows made from other materials. Vinyl windows are honeycombed with hollow areas for strength and energy savings.

Remember a thicker frame alone doesn’t mean a better window. The design of a window is what determines the overall performance against sagging, rolling or twisting over time. Progressive Profiles balanced design and precise inner wall placement result in a window with more strength. So you can be confident they’ll operate flawlessly for a lifetime – despite the climate.

Although many people think of vinyl as bending easily, its tensile strength is actually extremely good. Progressive Profiles inner wall structure does just that – balancing strength, energy efficiency and performance.

Vinyl Extrusion

All of our extrusion equipment is custom designed and built for Progressive Profiles. Our processing equipment is engineered to produce uniform heat and pressure to make sure our production quality equals our design quality.

To be sure our frame profiles continue to be the highest quality; our teams of specialists maintain these dies and equipment regularly to our exacting tolerance.

Understand any excessive stresses in the material during processing can cause problems, given the right circumstances. Given some time or heat, a window with heavy processing stress can deform.

Memory isn’t exclusive to vinyl products. When you pull on a rubber band — applying stress — and then let go, it will return to its original shape, in order to relieve the stress.

Our equipment, processing parameters and profile designs are engineered to control the stresses in our (vinyl) window products. They’re engineered to actually make any stresses cancel each other out. So a frame profile’s final shape is the shape it will remain. Even through the hottest summers, coldest winters and years of use.