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Frequently Asking Questions2019-12-20T22:16:43+00:00
Where is your vinyl coming from?2019-12-11T07:17:58+00:00

Window Seal receives vinyl linear profile from our sister company Progressive Profiles. Progressive profiles has been extruding for over 11 years with the latest technology. (For more information on the importance of vinyl profile, please click on Progressive Profiles tab.)

Are Companies using Powder / Pellet or recycled material?2019-12-11T07:18:34+00:00

Progressive profiles uses virgin Powder compound for the making of our vinyl profiles. Pellet or regrind material is not of a pure state and will effect consistency of profile. This inconsistency will cause window systems to change form over the years effecting operation and look of your window. Eg windows will not close properly allowing for air / water penetration reducing energy efficiency also discoloration of vinyl.

Are colors extruded or Painted?2019-12-11T07:20:46+00:00

Painted colors are of the highest quality. Painted windows frames will not scratch, flake or tarnish giving a long lasting finish.

Where is extrusion coming from?2019-12-11T07:21:13+00:00

Progressive Profiles is a Canadian company located in Vaughan Ontario.

How are welded corners cleaned?2019-12-11T07:21:36+00:00

Window Seal uses automated corner cleaners. Having window corners cleaned automatically ensures each welded corner is cleaned with precision. This is important because corners that are cleaned poorly will effect the integrity of the weld causing window frames to crack.

Is the window frame and sash welded at the same time?2019-12-11T07:22:07+00:00

Window seal uses automated welders, that weld the sash and frame at the same time, this gives a reliable window seal making sure sash and frame are snug when operating.

Are windows available with three seals?2019-12-11T07:24:59+00:00

Window Seal provides 3 seals to every window system ensuring an energy efficient window.

What spacer are you using?2019-12-11T07:25:23+00:00

Window Seal uses the highest quality warm edge spacer available, exclusive to Window Seal.

Where does your insulated glass come from?2019-12-11T07:25:47+00:00

Window Seal has been insulating our own glass since 1991. All sealed units are made with integrity through our automated glass line, no room for human error.

Does your window have an ER value2020-01-10T21:52:12+00:00

ER value demonstrates the over all performance of a window and will be identified on NRcan label. The higher the ER number the more efficient the product. Eg. Window Seal 5000 series casement ER=34, please check appropriate zone requirements as ER ratings will change per series of window types and climate zones.

Does your window have a U value2020-01-10T21:53:29+00:00

The U value, will be identified on NRcan label. The lower the U value the better the insulating value. Window Seal 5000 series casement U value =1.41 , please check appropriate zone requirements as U value will change per series of window types and climate zones.

What hardware is being used?2019-12-11T07:27:03+00:00

Window seal has been using the same supplier for over 11 years with excellent results.

Why Window Seal?2019-12-11T07:27:25+00:00

Window Seal has been manufacturing for over 30 years. We have been fabricating our current line for 10 years. We can say we have a great window system that has given our customers excellent results for quality and value. Window Seal is one of a few Canadian companies that completes a window from start to finish, we extrude or own vinyl, make our own insulated units and fabricate our very own window system.

How can I make sure Window Seal is real?2019-12-11T07:27:57+00:00

In many cases customers are given a perceived value with no substantial evidence. Window Seal stands behind our product and welcomes all inquiries or visits.

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